What is Parkour Infinity?
Infinitely Moving Forward
     My main goal for opening this Parkour gym in the Salem area is to spread the teachings and philosophy of Parkour; and to build or unearth the Parkour community in the area. I grew up in the small town of Dallas where I learned about Parkour in 2006 as a junior in high school, from YouTube videos like so many people do today. Parkour sparked my interest because it was so similar to the way I had played outside my whole life. As a kid I would climb on things, or jump from one thing to another (like curbs), and just run around playing on everything in my environment. I still do the same thing now, but now it has a name; and not just a name, but a purpose.
​      When I started going out to parks and other places to teach my self Parkour, I would just climb up things to jump off of them or do other daredevil like things because that's what appealed to me. But later I started to learn of its philosophies which motivates me even more to train and make Parkour apart of my whole life. Parkour isn't just a crazy new extreme sport like you've probably seen at the beginning of the movie Casino Royal. Parkour was originally developed in France as an evasion training. A way to escape from a bad situation. If you can not defend yourself or are out numbered, you need to be able to escape from that situation using nothing but your own body. Parkour at its core teaches many valuable life lessons and things that can benefit anyone, no matter what type of person you are.
     ​​ Parkour teaches us to overcome any obstacle that may be in our way, whether it may be physical or mental. If you come upon a fence at the end of an ally way that you need to get to the other side, what is the most efficient way to get to the other side? We train our bodies to quickly and fluidly make it past that obstacle. If we come upon a problem in our life that may set us back, we train our minds to work through that problem in a positive way and allow ourselves to reach any goal we set our minds to. Parkour teaches us that we have no limits physically, mentally or emotionally. Through its teaching, Parkour strengthens a persons body, brakes down any fears we might have and it builds confidence in yourself faster then anything I have ever experienced.
     ​​This message is what I want to spread to every individual out there. My gym will provide the proper safe training to anyone wishing to learn. Because Parkour has many techniques and movements similar to gymnastics or martial arts, safety is the top priority in my classes.