Infinitely Moving Forward
Parkour Infinity has now moved into a bigger and better place! Here is our new address:
​​2315 Pringle Rd SE
Salem, OR 97302

​​​We are currently still under construction so our classes are temporarily running on just Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We will start running on a full schedule when construction is more complete. Our classes and class schedule is listed here:
(Class Schedule)


Starting May 1st we will be changing our class prices. Drop-ins will be changed from $10 to $12 due to our new locations and much larger gym size. Membership costs will also be adjusted accordingly, but will be priced so that our members get an even better value then before. We will be using this increase in prices to build you a bigger and better Parkour gym. Also we are working towards turning this place into a Ninja Warrior training facility!
Class Prices will be listed here:
(Class Prices)​​​​